Welcome back people! We are very excited to move ahead with our tutorial series and I believe its time to start working on real design and therefore we will start building few page designs of Skip The Dishes website.

Disclaimer: All the assets we will use is the sole property of Skip The Dishes and is used here for educational and instructional purpose. No terms of violation / privacy is intended.

In this tutorial we will solely be focussing on the web design part. The idea is to design a complete website UI and handover to developer for back-end development…

Welcome back to Webflow Tutorial. Now its the right time to move ahead and understand the webflow elements and its purpose.

On the left side we have a list of all the things we need to design our content, canvas in the center, where actual work takes place and on the right side there is an inspector.

Left: Elements | Top: Breakpoints | Right: Inspector

Breakpoints, highlighted at the top, enable us to see how the website will react to different screen sizes. …

This story aims at the people who wants to learn Webflow and become a freelancer. All my stories at Medium.com will be accompanied with a youtube videos (coming soon) so the idea is to read and understand the content here first and then watch it executing. I have practiced and learned using this technique so I am confident it will help all of you to grasp the full gist of it. Let’s get started.

We will be discussing all the features of webflow and then will move forward to create a clone of few famous websites like Amazon, doordash, etc…


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